Retrospective 2017

Christmas has passed and we are heading towards the end of 2017, and like each of us, so will I make an account of the past, and I will set goals for the newborn 2018. Well, starting in 2017, it is the years in which we have moved to our new offices, the years in which we as a company and as a person have acquired a strong economic base which allows us to make new openings, the year when I made quite a lot of mistakes, both professionally and at a personal level, I made my mistakes experiences and utilization as courses, is the year that I discovered that I cannot do it all by myself, the year that I discovered I need worthy and honest people to advice and help me. It is the year I learned not to show confidence easily, and that at some situations is better to play it stupid, because you see the arrogance and the intended exploitation more easily, is the year I discovered that money is not enough for happiness. There should be a small reference to the ungraceful people here, but that is not something that concerns only 2017, but it is more general and back dated. Yesterday in addition to the usual friends, acquaintances, associates, relatives, I was remembered by people whom I helped in 2017 without any profit, but perhaps to buy some remorse. When these people conveyed their thanks to me, in such a special and full day, I felt somewhat strange but also beautiful, this feeling has no cost, and yet it is not free. Generally, I leave 2017 with a big thank you and I’m looking forward to a better 2018. From the 2018 I have more requirements, since the bar is set high, 2017 brought us many assumptions and partners both within Cyprus both outside and outside. I hope that 2018 will bring us even more, not only within Europe, but also beyond that, and I say that having already something in my mind. If it is the will of God in the first month of 2018, we will undertake another major 500,000 to 2,000,000 car accidents, and again if it is a will of a god, I will dare to extend beyond Legal practice, and the first discussions have already been made and have at least a conceivable set the parameters. But all the above would be unnecessary if there is no health to us as well as to the people we love, so from 2018 I expect first and if possible I demand to have health or me and all the people I love and care. I wish to all to be well, and as stereotype you hear this, so important is, I wish health and peace all over the world. And with the opportunity to thank those next to me, colleagues, friends, relatives, I will not make a reference to specific people, especially since I am an open person, and those who are close to me have heard me giving my thanks and respect to them several times.

Happy Holidays