Expansion in the Greek Market

Our law firm has now acquired material existence in the Greek market and in particular to our new offices in Athens, Triantafyllidi Street 28 Psychiko Athens, 115 25. Our contact details are telephone number 0030-213000887595, mobile 0030-6936023860.

Our presence in the Greek market is based on two service pillars, particularly customer service from Athens (Greece generally), which have various criminal, civil and other nature pending in Cyprus and our specialty is the Creation – Installation – Coordination – Maintenance of companies in Cyprus, where the tax regime is clearly better than the Greek (take into account the European directive to avoid double taxation). Through our established major partners, we can provide full support of any natural or legal entity wishes to transfer, establish, create in the Republic of Cyprus, including the whole process, the creation of the entity, to finding facilities, personnel, accounting, and etc. The second pillar is clearly the service of Cypriots who either wish to buy or rent any property in Greece or have any inheritance or other interests in Greece, any legal issue pending in relation to Greek law. Through our partners in Greece we can provide help and support to all the aforementioned, from finding real estate for rent (mostly for Cypriot students) property to buy, preparing relevant contracts, advice on all manner of legal questions relating to the Greek law, coordination and joint surveillance – contributing cases pending or will arise in Greek law.

Our company now has prepared a wide network of nature in Athens, which can support our presence there, our network consists of law firms, accountants, contractors and brokerage firms and notaries.

For further information please contact us either via the Greek Cypriot or our contact details or email.