Cooperation with financial advisors office Kyriakides & Pareas

Our Legal office, wants to let our clients, and the public at general know that, from now on, and
after our new cooperation with the Financial Advisors Office of Kyriakides & Pareas, we are
able responsibly to claim our office as specialized at the bellow sectors – subjects:
1) Analyze your financial/bank statements (according to past and present legal frameworks) in
order to investigate and determine whether there were:
a)  Any unjustified, unilateral expenses that were charged on your accounts,
b)  Any additional interest rate increases without your knowledge and consent,
2. Prepare the restructuring/settlement report with our specific findings, indications and
3. Represent you to the bank’s meeting in their premises and renegotiate your facility contracts
and balances,
4. Appear in court as an expertise witness in your favor against the bank (if needed).
All the above are offered, combined with any legal backup needed in any individual case. In a
world, dominated by Bank monopoly, lay citizens often becomes victims of such organizations,
because of ignorance, and sometimes because of too much good will. It is imposed, tacking
under consideration, today’s realities, that each one of us asks and takes all the right legal and
economical advises, concerning any new, old, and future loan, and any other economical aspect
of personal or business life. The combination of legal and economical knowledge and
experience, that is achieved with the cooperation of our two offices, is the answer, to today’s
challenges, under the light of the economical reality we live in.
The office of Kyriakides & Pareas, with 25 combined years of experience, is at a vantage point
when compared with other offices, because of its past experience as Banks economical advisors.
Such past experience grants them the benefit of an inside look, that can solve many problems,
before even come to surface.
Specialised also at the Insolvency Act, as well as the major issue of the loans made under the
Swiss Franc. For any inquiries, please contact with us in order to arrange an appointment.