Our law firm was created in June 2016 and despite the shortness of our entity’s existence we have managed to excel in the antagonistic sector which we have entered to thrive upon.  Numbers speak louder than words and all in favour of the aforementioned statement, since in merely a short amount of time we have surpassed competition and established ourselves in the legal service sector, progressing from nothing to the choice of many. Firmly and steadily our clients are increasing rapidly in quantity and quality. Nevertheless, no discrimination is made amongst our clients, since to us all and every client is equally important, irrelevantly of financial or social background. Each and every client is a priority.


The basic principle of our firm stands at the fact that each lawyer may have numerous clients; however each client has but one lawyer. We provide full and complete disclosure of all stages concerning our clients’ cases and we feel that we have filled the void created by other lawyers, who neglect clients and their correct and honest briefing regarding their cases. Each and every lawyer at our firm is standby 24/7 on their mobile phones, willing to attend to our clients need upon demand. Our law firm is involved in a wide variety of cases such as criminal, civil, family law, immigration services and passports, insurance claims, company law, registration and liquidation of companies, fiduciaries etc.


Regarding insurance claims, it is our policy that the compensation checks are always issued in the name of our clients for full transparency, whereas our legal fees are covered for by the insurance companies. It is of the upmost importance that clients are informed of every offer made to and from the insurance companies and in the cases where an out of court settlement is not adequate for our clients, then we advise them accordingly without any charges.


Our law firm is always willing to offer legal guidance free of charge and informs our clients present or potential of all their options and outcomes, leaving them with the knowledge and free will to choose the method by which they wish to proceed. It is our tactic to be transparent and honest with all our clients, offering them full disclosure without lacing the truth with illusions but offering them the raw truth and reality in accordance to the letter of the Law and the true circumstances of their case and/or situation. It is our policy to discuss our legal fees and charges upfront and agree upon them with our clients prior to taking on their cases. We either charge a total sum for the completion of the procedure or accommodate in accordance to each step taken, always in agreement with our clients and we try to provide arrangements that are flexible for our clients accordingly.


Each customer is not merely a file on the shelf, but a person, legal or otherwise, to whom our priority is a righteous, fair and thorough representation. Once we are hired are clients can be assured that they will have our upmost devotion and immediate attention to proceed with their cases both time and cost efficiently.


For further information or an appointment please contact us at the phone numbers and emails which can be found on our website. 

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The civil law composes one of the more extensive sectors of court procedure since it may involve simpler cases such as owed invoices or complicated company disputes. Our main weapon in Civil law is our in depth knowledge, constant study and our immediacy, which we utilize for the best interest of our clients. Our firm’s tactic is the honesty of the situation and reality of the facts, always in consistency with the legal system in Cyprus. On numerous occasions’ part of our advice consists of disincentive of filing a lawsuit in cases where in the long run it will not benefit our client, since our ultimate target is the correct guidance and providing of legal advice, as opposed to personal economic gain. From the first appointment with us we proceed with an in-depth analysis of a variety of options derived from the circumstances of each individual case, giving our clients probable results based on the law, the legislation and the system that characterizes the civil courts. Thus we supply each client with options and knowledge to choose the ultimate outcome of the case as deemed fit and proper, following the disclosure of advice and the legal aspect of matters.

Cyprus Criminal Law has its foundations in the Commonwealth system, whilst in essence its criminal procedure rules and the penal code are identical with the Indian ones. The burden of proof of the case burdens the prosecution, with the exception of some cases where the law transfers the burden of proof to the defendant, whereas the legislation in some cases the transfer of the burden of proof of allegations is upon the defendant (i.e. genetic materials, other scientific material). Criminal law, although may seem simpler than civil law on the surface, has hidden dangers, whereas by its nature, which may result in imprisonment of defendants, results in high stress to both lawyers and the defendant. Each case is different and is judged upon based its own facts, realities and the witness and forensic materials, whereas an important role is played regarding the personal, financial and social realities of the party. In theory, almost all cases can be won, however, fortunately or unfortunately, theory differs from reality. Each defendant must receive realistic advice, which may vary from their thoughts and beliefs regarding the handling of a case; that is the reason which a lawyer must be hired, in order to advice you and not to be advised by you. Each client of ours is informed about the dangers faced and the legislation regarding their case, debates and conversations of the cases are always constructive, however the ultimate advice shall be what we seems fit, despite a client’s different option. In cases of disagreement with clients regarding the handling of a case, our firm does not take on the case just in order to charge our client in a case that we believe will end badly. What makes us stand out from most law firms regarding the criminal sector, it that the Senior Partner of our firm, Mr. Michalis Neokleous, has served on the police force of Cyprus for 10 consecutive years, serving in a variety of interrogation posts, such as Crime Investigation Department, crime prevention department, numerous police stations etc. Hence we have an inside insight regarding handling criminal cases.

Family law is perhaps the most human sector we have in the Courts of Cyprus, because both lawmakers and judges understand that it is possibly the only court whose decisions often have an impact on the most innocent parties, children.

Family Law in Cyprus is divided into several jurisdictions, most of which concern Divorce, Parental care, Juvenile and / or Spouse Alimony, Exclusive Household Use and Property Disputes.

Our law firm has attorneys with years of experience in the family courts, and extensive knowledge of legislation in conjunction with Cyprus case law. Our primary concern is the proper administration of justice and, with complete awareness; we promote to our clients a solution involving the best interests of their children, in cases where minors are concerned, and the cases where they are not, our clients own personal interests. Our tactics involve directly debating with our own clients as well as with the opposing parties, so that a fair and just settlement can be reached through dialogue.

Our office has as its disposal excellently trained personnel which specializes in out of court settlements between natural people and/or legal entities. We aim to achieve the optimum result always bearing in mind our huge amount of responsibility, looking into the ideal assurance and advocacy of our clients’ interests. Additionally, it offers valid and complete services on the ground of out of court settlements as well as on consulting levels, always keeping the client well informed for the course of their case, aiming at the optimum processing of the said case by giving them the possibility to choose the way in which their case will be settled.

Furthermore, our office specializes in out of court settlements between Insurance Companies and natural people in regard to general accidents, car accidents, labor accidents, medical negligence and any other nature of accidents. Our goal in regards of the above is to avoid the case going to Court, which will burden our clients with a time consuming process. Our policy in the cases that end up in out of court settlement with the Insurance Company is to always issue two cheques; one in regards to the compensation of our client and the other for the legal expenses of our office. If the client is not happy with the out of court proposal we can proceed with Court procedures; in which case the legal expenses shall be paid by our client after a satisfactory agreement for both parties. Even in the case where clients are not at all happy with our effort for out of court settlements then we will give them the opportunity to ask for their case file without any charge.

Our aim is the creation of a relationship in the spirit of trust and cooperation with our clients, in order to achieve the immediate, faster and substantial resolution of all the differences with the maximum benefit possible for our clients.